IR Module

The MagicAir IR Module is an integral component for intelligent air conditioner control, designed to interface seamlessly with the MagicAir base station.

  • Smart Control: Connect your air conditioner to the IR module, and link it to the MagicAir base station for enhanced control options.
  • Mobile Connectivity: Manage air conditioner settings remotely using the MagicAir mobile app, compatible with Android 4.4 and higher, as well as iOS 11.0 and higher.
Control Options:
  • Smartphone Control: Use your smartphone as a remote control to adjust settings directly from the MagicAir app.
  • Automatic Scheduling: Set up schedules in the MagicAir app for automated air conditioner control, ensuring optimal comfort and efficiency.
Note: The functionality of controlling air conditioners with the IR module is enabled only when connected to a MagicAir base station.