Installation Service

Our specially trained team ensures a swift and tidy installation of the Breezer 4S. The service includes determining the optimal placement, performing core-cutting with minimal disruption, and secure mounting of the unit. Installation is typically completed within one to two hours, allowing you immediate access to cleaner, healthier air.

Installation Steps:

  • Site Preparation (10 min): We select an optimal wall location, ensuring no utilities are obstructed and confirming dimensions.
  • Drilling (30 min): We use a diamond drilling unit for precise core-cutting, collect residue with an industrial vacuum, and set the air duct at a slight incline to prevent water entry.
  • Finalization (20 min): We install heat and noise insulation, place a decorative grille, and securely mount the Breezer on anchor bolts.

Installation Warranty: Our installation warranty covers any operational issues caused by improper installation. Corrections are ensured at no additional cost, provided that certified DNAir installers conducted the original installation.

Additional Services: Additional work, if required beyond the standard installation, is billed separately.

Scheduling: After payment, our installation manager will contact you to arrange a suitable installation time. You'll need to provide a photo of the installation site. A preliminary visit may be necessary to assess the site, determine any extra work, and finalize the installation cost.